The PhD Program for the Bioengineering curriculum provides interdisciplinary training at the interface between technology and biomedicine.
The general objective of the program is to form research technologists capable to deal with multidisciplinary projects and to face complex challenges at the interface between technology and life-sciences.
The training to the students is delivered through the in-depth involvement into a three-year research project supplemented by specific didactic modules dealing with computational and experimental methods.
The direct link with different laboratories at both the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and System Engineering (DIBRIS) and the Italian Institute of Technologies (IIT) will ensure a unique scientific environment to the students to carry out international research projects.
The main research interests lie within the following broad themes: 

  • Biomedical imaging and medical information systems
  • Bioelectronics, biomedical devices and bio-sensors
  • Molecular, cellular and tissueengineering
  • Neuroengineering and neurotechnology
  • Micro and nano-systems in medicine and biology

Prof. Paolo Massobrio, University of Genova

Last update 21 November 2022