PhD program in Bioengineering and Robotics

The PhD program in Bioengineering and Robotics is based on a joint partnership between the Università di Genova ( and the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (

Research in Bioengineering and Robotics at the Università di Genova dates back to the 80’s and originates from convergence of multidisciplinary activities in the fields of automation, electronics, information technologies and biophysics.

The PhD program in Bioengineering and Robotics of the Università di Genova is leading edge in education and research, covering multidisciplinary scientific and technological domains from advanced robotics, to biomedical engineering, to humanoid and interactive technologies and applications.

From this perspective, the PhD Program in Bioengineering and Robotics trains graduate students through a strong interdisciplinary education in engineering, mathematics, medical and biological knowledge to develop high level engineering problem-solving abilities in biomedical, automation, and interaction domains.